Dana has spent the last decade fine tuning her skill set in a variety of ways in the fashion industry. From makeup artistry to commercial wardrobe styling, she has always found herself most drawn towards photography and editing. Dana is aware that she has a unique eye and worldview, and this is the perspective that she brings to her work.  She has a genuine ability to put others at ease, allowing the true nature of each photo and session to shine through. Did we mention she's a mother of twins? This girl knows how to multitask and remain cool under pressure. 


Dream dinner guests: Dolly Parton and Steve Buscemi

On exclamation points: "I use either one, three, or more. never two. (I know. brilliant)."

Super Hero Power of choice: "Freeze time so I could nap more, eat more, and nap more. Did I mention, I'd mostly use it for napping more?"



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Colleen + Josh