Michelle first began her love affair with photography at the young age of fourteen. Through the years she has refined her artistry by working behind the lens of a 35mm camera and developing her photos by hand in the dark room. She focused on travel and architectural photography until the birth of her daughter, thereafter devoting the same eye for detail to photographing people and the seemingly intangible, such as emotion. She has worked to develop her style to be clean and modern, taking a photojournalistic approach. She can genuinely capture all the aspects of her client’s wedding day. Nothing is too small or insignificant on such a momentous day.


Word you can’t live without: Ethereal

Celebrity crush: Matt Damon (insert school-girl giggle here).

Tupac or Biggie: When asked this question, Michelle answered “What about Snoop? Ha! I’ll go with Tupac. Although my real love is for Jay Z.”



Peter & Madeleine






 Jen & Ryan