A creative visionary, Lottie’s photography is modern and edited in a clean fashion. She has a strong sense of composition which contributes to her skill in telling her clients’ love stories in a genuine and enduring style. Lottie is no stranger to detail, and her clients can be sure that she will not miss any of the carefully planned elements of their wedding day. She also finds beauty and inspiration in the raw moments that occur throughout the celebration of a couple’s love; her work is heavily focused on candid moments. Using her experience as a model, she understands what it takes behind and in front of the camera. She is able to make her clients look and feel their best as she directs them, yet is able to avoid images that look posed and each client is represented authentically.


Favorite form of social media: She’s a sucker for instagram, and her dog, Harley, is a regular in her feed, sporting the latest hat fashion trends of the season.

Previous jobs: Lottie has been recognized as one of Milwaukee’s best personal trainers, and when she works with you during a photoshoot, you will benefit from a free session of personal training as well. This girl makes you work it. Don’t worry, you’ll thank her for it!

Has an affinity for: Chinese wisdom (You’ll have to ask her for details about this one when you work with her).




Jennifer & Jason



Chanel & Brad



Britt & David



Elena & Trentin



Chawna & Brett