Influenced by street style blogs and fashion photographers, Stephanie edits her photos to be clean and crisp, while using filters to subtly enhance the overall look. Her love for traveling the world and seeking out adventure continues to inspire her passion for photography. Stephanie prefers building relationships with her clients and photo-documenting their journey through engagement, marriage and the years that follow. To be a part of someone’s love story is something that she takes on with great reverence, and Stephanie’s enthusiasm for romance and joy are evident in her approach and finished photographs.


Must have: Coffee! Idealy, an aero press of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe shared with her husband.

Canon or Nikon?: Canon girl through and through!

Personal Motto: “I LOVE love!”

Three words friends would use to describe her: Energetic, passionate and a dreamer.


Aubrey & Ethan



Alex & Nicole,